A partner, for future collaboration & partnership:

To better perform in the global market, it makes sense to liaise with an industrial partner located in a specific, strategic location and then to measure their performance, effectiveness and professionalism.

            Let XL-Strategy identify and evaluate prospective JV or acquisition partners

    A strategic R&D partnership in Europe:

In the advanced technology arena, it is critical to achieve "best in class" status, to outperform the competition. Establishing the right R&D partnership with a research center may accelerate your time to market to deliver that critical competitive advantage.

            XL-Strategy can leverage a deep knowledge and network or relationships with the top European R&D centers and universities to identify the partner organization best suited to your specific project goals.

    A high tech candidate:

It can be challenging for HR departments to find out the right candidates in highly specialized technology fields.  Through a worldwide contact network of over 1500 people, in engineering and technology disciplines.

            Let XL-Strategy identify and screen high potential candidates.

    The right workshop or tradeshow:

In some technology segments, (Photovoltaic LEDs, etc…), at any point in time there may be hundred possible tradeshows or technical workshops.

            XL-Strategy can monitor, screen and recommend which events which can best support your commercial strategy.


‘’There’s only one chance to make a first impression’’ – branding, “tagline”, logo, web design.

            XL-Strategy can energize your brand.