Technical publications

    · MA thesis: LEDs Public Lighting – Economical & technological challenges

‘’Our World is facing a tremendous challenge, either we reduce drastically our energy consumption or we accelerate global warming.  That said, there are no miracle cures. Every energy segment must be reviewed in the light of new technologies. Electricity generation accounts for 20% of the global energy supply, while lighting represents approximately 20% of the overall electricity demand.  LED (solid-state lighting) has the potential to revolutionize the lighting market.  Key benefits include high energy-efficiency, longer-lifetime, versatile light sources and reduced maintenance cost (in public or commercial lighting). According EDF(Electricité de France), our cities could save up to 70% of their electricity consumption by using LED devices.’’ (2011)

    · Editor: Techniques de l’ingénieur: LEDs lighting – The age of maturity

‘’In 1968, the first commercially available light-emitting diode generated just 1 mlm of red light. Today, white high-brightness LEDs are available on the market and produce several hundred lumens. This is a real revolution : indeed, the light output power doubles every 18-24 months and has achieved this over almost 30 years now. Will LEDs replace conventional bulbs (incandescent and electric discharge)? In this paper we try answer this question by taking into account not only technological and scientific considerations, but also by placing this innovative light source in the context of today’s energy and economic conditions.’’ (2012)